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eCommerce - The Key To Substantially Increased Revenue

eCommerce application development

Gull Rock IT designs and builds eCommerce applications.

Our customers are Small to Medium Enterprises(SMEs).
Not only do we create custom eCommerce applications, we maintain and support them for our customers as well.
Our customers are far too busy with their own business environment to be bothered with yet another set of technical complexities.

To us, eCommerce is much more than just a shopping cart.

Our customers may want to have specific connections with their suppliers to get on-the-spot information about the availability of certain stock items and include that availability in the reply message to the web user.

Or, customers may request an on-the-spot quote for a specific product only to add their mark-up to the given quote and present this price to the web user.

Additionally, customers may purchase products on-the-spot from their suppliers when the web user buys these products from them, eliminating the need to hold that stock at the customer's store.

By the way, this list of possible requirements is only limited by the creativity of our customers.

eCommerce applications built by us will enhance the customer's presence on the web, will increase the revenue from the Internet, and also will streamline the customer's operation.