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Gull Rock IT develops software for web applications. Client and Server side.

Good web design, layout and eye-catching home pages are important for the look-and-feel aspects of a web site.
As for web applications, the bulk of the work is done by the server-side application code.
The fast retrieval of data is critical.

In older web applications the data source was just a database. These days, data is being retrieved from all sorts entities: external applications, data feeds, multiple databases, etc.
And here is the strength of Gull Rock IT.

To us, it really doesn't matter where the data has to be retrieved from, in what shape the data is in or how frequently the data has to be collected.

We are able to code our way through all these issues, only to present the precise commercially relevant information to web pages, as expected by the customer.

To be successful in business we have adopted three simple objectives:

1. Increase the customer's revenue.
2. Decrease the customer's costs.
3. Do good work.

Objective 1: Increase the customer's revenue.

Produce fast and informative web pages.
The simpler, the better.
Allow easy navigation between different pieces of information.
And make it snappy.
A happy and informed user will return many times to the site.
It is the pleasing attitude towards the user which leads, in our opinion, to closing more sales.

Objective 2: Decrease the customer's costs.

Create modular applications.
In terms of business and technical functionality.
As they say in the trade: Keep the modules 'loosely coupled'.
A modular application is much easier to maintain and hence keeps the maintenance costs at bay.

Objective 3: Do good work.

Attitude is the key word here.
Behaving polite and honest to everyone (colleagues, suppliers and customers) will get us pretty close to that objective. This positive group dynamic will allow people to be more creative and productive. Good work is just one by-product of such an environment. How nice!

And finally.....

In search of an appropriate business name our tiny outcrop Gull Rock came in handy.
This picture above shows Gull Rock just off Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.
On good days you can hear voices whispering

Surf's Up.